MinoSource Chat rules

These rules were last modified on November 20, 2015.

General Rules

• Profanity, spamming, and other topics inappropriate for users of all ages, such as drugs, alcohol, and sex, are prohibited.
• Posting links or advertising anything but MinoMonsters is prohibited.
• Users with inappropriate usernames may be banned.
• After three warnings from a Moderator, a user can be banned indefinitely.
• No sockpuppeting permitted. Users who are banned are not allowed to create a new account to bypass the ban.
• No criticism or negative comments about anything or anyone. This includes calling people names that they do not feel comfortable with.
• Do not ask or beg for moderator rights. Moderators are only chosen from members of the MRT.
• MinoSource is not responsible for the content Moderators or users posts.

Moderation Rules

• Moderators will lose their rights if they allow others to use their account.
• Moderators must not abuse their power such as deleting random posts or using it as an excuse to break the General Rules.
• Moderators must not use their power to take advantage of others.

List of Moderators

• tavisource (IGN: MRT_Tavis)
• scarsoflife3 (IGN: MRT_Vengeance)
• scribblz6497 (IGN: MRT_Scribblz)
• destro5986 (IGN: MRT_destro)
• l4dykyd4 (IGN: MRT_Lady Kyda)
• neilmontano30 (IGN: MRT_Flowers)
• vuvuzaylor (IGN: MRT_Vuvuzaylor)
• HarryJang1 (IGN: MRT_Harry)
• MRTKarla (IGN: MRT_Karla)
• bluefire24 (IGN: Bluefire)
• imhorrible (IGN: Imhorrible)
• Pudding44 (IGN: Pudding44)

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact us.